Saturday, May 28, 2011

UEFA Champions League Final - Manchester United vs FC Barcelona

Let me start out today's entries by talking about the Final of the UEFA Champions League.  I was out at a bar watching this with some people and I had a good time but mind that this was a GREAT performance by Barca.  They destroyed Man U and I thought it would be closer.  Specially when the game started out Man U had good tempo and was controlling the game.  Then the tide turns and Barca overcame the jitters when Pedro put one in for a 1-0 Barcelona lead in the 27th minute.  I thought then that once Barca gets one they could just keep going but Manchester quickly came back with a 34th minute goal by Wayne Rooney.  Great goal by Rooney, one of the best players in the game. The game was tied at the half and then the 2nd was all Barca.  They scored two goals, one in 54th minute by Lionel Messi the GREATEST PLAYER TODAY and one if not the most amazing goal in the Champions League this year.  He took three quick dribbles and launched a shot into the top right corner past Manchester keeper Edwin van der Sar.  Just 15 minutes later Messi set up David Villa with a 20 yard out shot that curled over van der Sar's outstretched arm for a goal in the top right corner.  The final was 3-1 Barca and I have to say it was one damn good match.  Congrats to Barcelona!!!


  1. Sounds like an exciting game, I missed it :(

  2. Barca hell yeah... 3 nice goals... Man U never had a chance

  3. Well you could try to find the game from the internet.