Thursday, May 26, 2011

Nadal vs Isner

Did any of you guys catch this one?  John Isner played his best game and I had no idea he could play at that level. I believe one day he could be a top player.  Yes, Rafa won and even though sometimes I feel obliged to root for a fellow American but I still wanted Rafa to win.  I mean how awful would it be to see the king of clay go down in round one?  Anyway it was great and Isner should be proud and I'm happy for him.  He pushed Nadal to his limits.   Never before had Rafa gone to 5 sets at RG.  I was worried there for a little specially when John went up 2 sets to 1 but soon he ran out of gas and Nadal got it going again with his stamina greatly contributing to his victory.  He survived the upset bid.


  1. Isner is going places. He's really been showing what he's made of lately.

  2. That is a whole other level of happy on that guys face. LoL