Sunday, July 24, 2011

Uruguay - 2011 Copa America Champs

Congrats to Uruguay on their fantastic run in the Copa America tourney and their stomping of Paraguay in the Final 3-0 with Forlan scoring two and Suarez one.  They played great and the vet who plays for Athletico Madrid, Diego Forlan showed up just like he did back in the 2010 World Cup.  They deserved it and are the best team in South America.

To be honest Paraguay didn't have a chance against Uruguay, tying all their matches except their last two and winning on pk's.  They have no offense.  Nothing like Uruguay with Forlan and Suarez up top. 

Suarez puts Uruguay up 1-0.
Forlan after he scored his second goal in the 90' to seal a 3-0 victory for Uruguay.
Evey one expected Brazil and Argentina to be in the final but I am kind of sick of all the talk about them.  Lately they haven't showed up.  Brazil is young and all that but they do not play as a team.  Same happened in the World Cup.  Guess we got to wait and see if they can deliver in the 2014 World Cup and overcome the pressure of their fans as they host the Cup.  Argentina started out awful in this tourney and got better but never got to the level they should of.  Messi is a beast but their team just didn't come together.  But what can i say I guess its hard when you got all these superstars that play on different club teams that come together to play a couple games for their nation.

Uruguay after they eliminated Argentina.

Suarez after he scored against Peru in the Semis.

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